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Conclusion: There is no immediate way to get to the desktop environment from the terminal. It's running a very rough implementation of the standard Unix windowing system on Linux. But it works (with a few hiccups) and is very capable. I don't think anything else can be done easily. I think this is a platform that is good for serving large documents in plain text (HTML, XML, JSON, JSONP, YAML, etc.) files. But not for high-performance applications. I'm going to be serious here. This is a joke. It's a common joke. It's a couple of dudes. It's not even a good one. You can't blame the website for this. It's a reference. It's not a tutorial or a how-to. It's a joke. Some people make great jokes. But the problem with this joke is that it won't stop and doesn't have a clear, understandable ending. In reality, it would be absolutely impossible to play games (however, my point about the keyboard focus above still applies). It's also an incredibly poorly implemented tool that shouldn't be used for anything serious. The author is a fool. If this made you chuckle, or you got a chuckle out of it, or it made you angry at the author, or any of that, that's fine. That's what a joke is for. The problem is that people still fall for this joke. They accept it as a legitimate, serious response to the question. This is a joke. I'll be sorry if the author does damage control by taking this down. I'm sure he has a good explanation for it. I also have a good explanation for it. For me, it's still a great post. It was my first blog post. It's a nice first post. It was a fun, easy, and quick experiment. It's a simple, beginner-friendly tutorial. I still find it amusing. And I've done a lot more cool stuff with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript since then. It's still a very interesting topic. The website is an unusual curiosity. But it's not the only one like it.

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